Welcome to Libvlc.Net project's home page.


Libvlc.Net is a media player library for .Net framework. It's created on top of the "libvlc" library (see http://videolan.org) - the core of VLC player and enables you to use it from .Net code. The library wraps functionality provided by VLC player like playing music or video, streaming and transcoding. Not all of the features are supported but we are looking forward to implement most important and frequently used. Please see our quick start guide here.


License is GNU GPL same as for VLC player.

External dependencies

We use following open source libraries:


The most fresh code is in the git repository on sourceforge.net. Current code works with 1.1.9 release of VLC player. We intend to release the library after some refactoring. Files in "download" section are really old and work with old version of VLC (0.8.6) so better download library together with sources.